ThoughtWeave - Technical

The research group used various measures to assess the EEG/MEG data. Properties were computed on measurement locations, which each measured their own region, and their interrelation.

Regions and their interrelation are shown as 3D graphs. They were represented by the various visual properties of the nodes and links of the 3D graph.

To make 3D illustrations a view class Shape3DView was used. The class Model contained a set of data properties and a set of visual properties. Control classes allowed researchers to change how the properties of a model were represented in the visual properties of the Shape3DViews.

The class Model made defining Control classes easier; any Control x that could modify/read Model objects, could operate on both Models representing links and on Models representing nodes.

The Model class was capable of dealing with new property types the researchers came up with, because it stored properies in highly adaptable PropertySet objects.

In short, the design made both development and extension of the code easy.