Backend Developer at Infostrada

Infostrada delivers video streaming software to the television industry.

Centralparq helps television makers archive, edit and filter their videostreams. A module of Centralparq is used to filter applicants for television shows such as the Voice of Holland and Utopia. The most notable feature I worked on was an advanced search, that allowed our customers to more effectively find candidates. It allowed customers to select filter criteria dynamically. The query could also be stored.

SmartVOD is a framework for setting up a video on demand platform, which can be compared to Netflix. The most important customers were NPO (Dutch public broadcasting) and RTL/Videoland. The most complex code I worked on automatically created collections of series and movie titles, based on dynamically selected criteria. I also solved various emergencies that arose on the production server.

I was also regularly on stand by for emergencies with SmartVOD platform, and have dealt with several emergency situations.

The most imporant experience I built up at Infostrada is how to work with a large, yet unknown, code base.