A 3D network visualisation tool for EEG/MEG research
Requirements engineering
Large project design
MVC design pattern
3D Graphics
3D GUI Design
State of the art research in neurology is moving to an understanding of the functional structure of the brain, starting with the identification of modules; Regions in the brain (that are not necessarily grouped in one place) that appear to cooperate.

EEG/MEG data is taken from sensors placed on the scalp of many participants and processed to identify cooperating brain regions, based on how regions are interconnected. Various values are known about regions themselves and how they interrelated.

Thoughtweave illustrates the values on these regions and their interrelations by representing them with the visual properties of a network diagram. Values can be represented on nodes and links as the intensity of red, green, blue, the degree of transparency or size. Nodes also allow setting x, y and z.

Various network values can be loaded from several file types.

The project shows skill in establishing requirements and abstracting them into a practical design.