Personal Data
Name Sales Calvano, Guido, BSc.
Address Smeenklaan 14
  1182 GD Amstelveen
Email guidocalvano [ a t ] yahoo [ d o t ] com
Date of birth 28 - 9 -1982
Birthplace Zaanstad
Marital status Unwed
Nationality Dutch
Major Projects
Chemo Synergy An adaptation of a recurrent neural network to learn a simulation of the changes in a cell as a consequence of combinations of chemo therapy (it is almost completed, see datamining internship at CCA under working experience).
OgreJS Wrapped Ogre3D a 3D engine written in C++ in javascript, using the v8 javascript engine and node.js.
In The Scene A prototype of a cloudbased collaborative 3D modeling application with semantic search
ThoughtWeave   3D visualisation of functional networks in the brain as computed from EEG and MEG data
Working Experience as Developer
Data miner at Cancer Center Amsterdam (internship) (1 sep 2015 - present)
Backend Developer at Infostrada (11 aug 2014 - 10 aug 2015)
Frontend Developer at Konnektid (10 march 2014 - 31 may 2014)
Web/Game Developer at (11 may 2012 - 30 november 2013)
Developer at UvA Psychology (1 oct. 2011 - 10 may 2012)
BlackBerry Developer at Steape B.V. (1 feb. 2011- 1 aug. 2011)
Teaching-assistant Logische Taal en Redeneermethoden (Logical Language and Reasoning Methods), VU (2001-2002)
Primary Skills
PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Doctrine, SQL, JavaScript, Java, C++
Secondary Skills
NodeJS, Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Android
Master of Artificial intelligence at the Vrije Universiteit ( 2007 - 2016)
Bachelor Artificial Intelligence at the Vrije Universiteit (2007)
VWO (highest level of Dutch high school) completed at the Amsterdams Lyceum (1993 - 2000)
courses: Mathematics A, mathematics B, physics, chemistry, economics, English, Dutch, Latin.